A Red Wattle Inn, our portable pig hut

A Red Wattle Inn

This is a portable A frame house Harold built for pigs raised in the pasture. We can set these in new fields when we’re ready to turn the Red Wattle pigs out. Notice the ground around it looks totally barren.  2 months ago it was vegetated. The pigs have it plowed (actually like a mine field) and fertilized. We’ll be planting this area soon and moving the pigs over to a new food plot. Containment is simply a hot wire fence.

Portable pig housing for raising pigs on pasture

The John Hamhock room

Here is poor John (aka Dozer), our big boy all alone. Yes he’s sad because Moon Pie and Little Debbie are keeping separate digs with their piglets. He does have Harold for company and tends to follow him around all day and complain.


Red Wattle piglets

Piggy Back!

We had a second sow (Little Debbie) farrow on March 17, 2014 – 7 healthy beautiful red wattle piglets. Our two sows has 7 piglets each. All 14 growing and thriving.


Keeping piglets warm

Newborn piglets tucked away in the barn on a bitter cold night.


Dow Ranch

Dow Ranch


Brahma Bull



Amigo y Él

Amigo y Él


Red Wattle Piglet



Red Wattle shelter

New food trough and shelter in progress



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