Our Pigs

Red Wattle Pigs Raised on Pasture

We raise Red Wattle heritage pigs as naturally as possible in the pasture. We researched several heritage breeds but settled on the red wattle for it’s sweet temperament,  heartiness, good mothering and ability to thrive on pasture.   We supplement with  alfalfa, grains, available fruits and vegetables, plus boiled eggs from our farm raised ducks. We use no antibiotics in production. The pigs are outdoors year round rooting around, playing in the mud  and doing what pigs do.

Raising pigs on pasture makes for happy, healthy, exercised animals which in turn produces excellent pork. The meat is red (not the other white meat), marbled and delicious!

We are primarily a farrow to finish operation but will occasionally sell a few weaner pigs for customers to feed out to finish.

We’ll have finished pigs in late September to early October 2014. Quantities are limited so make sure you call to reserve early.


Red Wattle Sows

Moon Pie and Little Debbie

Red Wattle Boar

John Hamhock aka “Dozer”

Red Wattle Piglet

A young’un





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