Red Wattle Hogs at the Dow Farm



Red Wattle Hogs – Heritage Breed Hogs

When we decided to get into raising pigs we did quite a bit of research. We knew we wanted a heritage breed pig we could raise naturally as happy pigs, clean food. We wanted to produce quality meat for our local New Mexico market.

The Red Wattle Hog is listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and helping to preserve the breed was intriguing in itself. New Mexico isn’t a big pork producing state and there wasn’t a lot of information available from other farmers nor an abundance of breeders or breeds to choose from.

We found a nice community of Red Wattle enthusiasts who have been eager to help us with advice and breeding stock. We picked up our first boar and 2 gilts from Shiner Texas in September 2013 and drove them home to New Mexico.

Red Wattle Hogs Temperament

Red Wattles are big but they’re sweet. Ours know their names and come running when called. Mind you, feeding time is not the time to get in the mix with them, but they like a good belly rub or a hand fed hard boiled egg and they’ll follow you pretty much anywhere to get either.

The sows are good mothers (our 2 have proven this) and this hardy breed can be raised on pasture with supplemental, hormone and antibiotic free, rations. The pigs love being out in the fields having pig fun. They’ll tear up a pasture and plow it under for us quite quickly. Then it’s ready to plant and get them back in there for more pig fun.

Red Wattle Pork Quality Meat

The Red Wattle is a great hog breed for smaller scale gourmet pork production.

Red Wattle pork is red, marbled, juicy and delicious. It’s redder than the “white” meat pork you find in supermarkets with a taste and texture more like beef. Sought after by chefs and natural foods lovers alike it’s a juicy succulent pork deserving of the title gourmet.

Red Wattle Piglets

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